Fresh AI content based on your knowledge and in your voice

Buddy creates an AI version of you that ghostwrites content for you.

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Say goodbye to generic, off-brand content

Start publishing original content consistently. No more struggling to find time or budget.

How it Works

Create your AI writer

Upload your documents, notes, and ideas. Buddy writes original content using embedded knowledge and tone matching. It doesn't regurgitate low-quality web content.


Get fresh content

Assign topics to Buddy, or approve ideas that Buddy automatically generates for you. It's like using a to-do list that automatically executes the work.


Publish every day

Get original content without wasting hours on prompting and editing. Publish consistently to grow your audience and create demand for your business. You'll never feel like you don't have enough time to write because Buddy writes for you.

Privacy First

Download and host Buddy on your own server

The documents you upload don’t touch any third parties. Buddy connects to open source LLMs that you run locally. Buddy and all of your content is yours. You can customize it however you'd like to.
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