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Buddy's four key features and why they matter

Marketing has changed from a game of borrowing eyeballs to building empires.

Customer acquisition costs skyrocketed because too many companies deploy the same spammy tactics to compete for attention.

We're now moving from the borrow era to the build era.

The Borrow Era ↴

• Spend ZIRP capital to get featured on publications that your buyers don't trust anymore

• Borrow temporary access to an influencer's audience

• Torch budget on social ads that fail to deliver a positive return

• Blast out automated emails pleading for attention

• Mass produce generic AI content in hope of gaming search engines that buyers don't use anymore

The Build Era ↴

Build the best publication in your market

• Become the top influencer of your buyers

• Own the message and the relationships with your audience

• Be generous, give value

• Lead with insight and personality

Those who don't adapt have crippling pipeline anxiety. They're forced to resort to desperate borrowing tactics to meet the current quarter's pipeline goals at the expense of long-term growth. They try channel after channel but nothing works.

Those who do adapt have customers seeking them out and have lower customer acquisition costs. Your buyers trust you and go to you first when they're ready to buy.

Buddy is for builders.

Here's what life is like when you use Buddy:

You publish content consistently. No more struggling to find time or budget.

You're generating pipeline on autopilot. As your audience of potential customers grows, more of them seek out your business.

Your other GTM channels perform better because your buyers have heard of you, you've influenced their thinking, and they trust you.

Most companies don't get the results they want from content marketing because they approach content with the wrong mindset.

They publish generic content with a short-sited goal of herding buyers into sales pitches like they're cattle, but buyers see through it.

Founders are held back from publishing differentiated content that that makes them the go to source in their category because it takes too much time and money.

Buddy is the first and only company dedicated to helping you build your own content empire.

Buddy gives you this capability with four key product features:

1. Knowledge Embedding: Buddy uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to write based on information that you provide. It does not source from generic web content. That means Buddy doesn't hallucinate. It produces first-party content that's unique to you.

2. Tone Matching: Buddy writes in your desired style. Your content sounds like you, not generic AI. All you need to do is upload writing samples, brand guidelines, or examples of writing you like.

3. Privacy First: Download and host buddy on your own server. Your documents don’t touch any third parties. Buddy connects to open source LLMs that you run locally. Buddy and all of your content is yours.

4. Powered by Persuasion: Buddy comes pre-trained on best practices for creating persuasive and memorable B2B content. If you want to attract your target buyers and create demand for your business, Buddy is right for you. Buddy's content generates pipeline, not just views.

Buddy unlocks your insights and creates an AI clone of you that ghostwrites for you. Using Buddy is like using a to-do list, except that Buddy automatically executes on the work for you.  

If you're serious about building your content empire, use Buddy. If you want to churn out generic content faster, use a generic AI tool.

Michael Fishbein


Michael has led marketing as a co-founder, early team member, and consultant for numerous startups including two that successfully exited.